Monday, July 13, 2009

Knots 'R' Us

Every fisherman should have a few dependable knots in his or her arsenal of fishing knowledge. Sure, a fisherman can get by with only knowing one knot. For many years, the only knot I really knew was the Improved Clinch. It is still my favorite one today. The Improved Clinch is very strong and is one of the best knots for tying tackle to a fishing line. However, I learned to tie other knots and it has paid off. I believe every fisherman should know how to tie two or three good knots to make them better skilled and more professional at their hobby.

I have already mentioned the Improved Clinch Knot, which is one of the most commonly used techniques for attaching lures to fishing line. Another extremely popular knot is the Snell Knot. This knot creates a very strong binding between a hook and the fishing line. It is one of the most dependable knots for tying leaders and fishing with live bait. It should be in the arsenal of every fisherman, especially those who enjoy the pursuit of catfish.

One of the most widely known knots in the world is the Palomar Knot. The Palomar Knot is very easy to tie and is a good starter knot for beginners. Many people are in agreement that this knot is the strongest knot for holding onto tackle. The mechanics used in this knot can also be very useful when you are improvising and tying knots you’ve created on a whim.

The last one I’ll mention is the Improved Blood Knot. This knot is best for tying two pieces of fishing line together. It seems to work best when the two pieces of line are of equal diameter. This knot won’t be used much by the casual fisherman but is one of the most valuable overall.

Hopefully, this guide can be a little helpful in knowing which knots you should learn. There are many more knots out there that can be very helpful to a fisherman. If you fish from a boat, you’ll need to learn some boating knots and if you participate in other types of fishing, such as fly fishing or salt water fishing, you’ll need to focus on that specific knowledge. Here is a link that should help teach beginners learn these techniques.

Happy knot tying!!

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